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About Us


 LATA exams:

LATA administers the following English language exams to individuals and corporate clients.
A. LATA Placement
B. LATA Proficiency
C. LATA Business
D. LATA Oral Proficiency Interview
E. LATA Marine

Alternative exams for separate sectors are currently under construction and tailor-made exams could also be constructed to fit LATA clients’ needs.

 Teacher Training:

LATA offers professional in-service teacher training in the field of language assessment. Besides general training courses, LATA also designs skill-based (speaking, writing, reading, and listening) assessment courses to cater to the needs of your schools and teachers.

 Test development for schools:

Depending on your institution’s curriculum and objectives, LATA designs and administers proficiency and placement tests following the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for K-12 and higher education students.

 Consultancy services:

LATA provides consultancy services for your in-house tests in regard to psychometric characteristics and offers guidance for all stakeholders involved in the assessment process.